What we do

OK, how to describe what we do in easy, bite-size chunks.   There are lots of fancy descriptions for what we do but in a nutshell we help organisations communicate with and bring the best out of their people.   We help build engagement, create a sense of purpose, get people talking, make complex messages easy to understand and help leaders become better communicators.    We also help organisations become more creative.   We firmly believe that everyone has a creative streak inside them – from senior leaders to frontline workers – and that with a little encouragement and the right techniques, this creativity can be unleashed. Our practical workshops and innovation campaigns help unlock the creative potential of the very people who have all the ideas – those inside the organisation working hard to make your business successful every day.

Below are just some of the things we do.


The difference between ‘using’ and ‘doing’ employee communications lies in having an effective strategy. Fourth Corner can help you devise or review your internal communications and engagement strategy so you can put yourself right at the centre of your organisation, where you belong.   Our Internal Communications Healthcheck is a great place to start …

Internal Communications Healthcheck

Our unique Healthcheck is designed to help you review and develop your internal communications activities and to get a ‘snapshot’ of how your activities compare against a best practice benchmark.  The Healthcheck process is made up of two stages – a self-assessment measurement tool and a facilitated workshop.   We help you evaluate your performance against a number key internal communications practice areas, including planning & strategy, managing the message, channels, engagement, measurement and skills.  And then we offer some practical advice and guidance in the areas that matter most to you.   A great and engaging team exercise to step back and review your strategy.


With years of experience in the field of innovation and creativity, and with a rapidly expanding knowledge of neuroscience and creative techniques, we’ve developed a series of highly interactive creativity workshops especially for organisations looking to build innovation culture and capability, or simply to tap into the great ideas of their people. In these tough times, the challenge is on to find better, faster, cheaper and smarter ways of working. Our practical workshops help individuals, managers and teams to unlock their creativity, turn ideas into action and change the way they think about work.  Find out more here.

Training and Learning

Do your leaders have the skills to effectively communicate and engage with their colleagues? Do your communications professionals have the experience and skills to develop strategy and drive change? Fourth Corner offers bespoke training in these and other areas.. Fourth Corner has been delivering the Institute of Internal Communication’s popular Change Communications training course since 2005 and we’ve trained literally hundreds of practitioners on the art of communicating change.  And there’s our creativity workshops and learning materials.  We have a range of practical workshops and modules to help unleash the creative spark in your organisation.   More here.

Project Management

Fourth Corner can offer a range of services to help manage the communications around key projects and activities in your organisation, such as change projects, new initiatives, new management, vision & values programmes, events and roadshows.   You can use us as much or as little as you like.   We’re confident we can make a difference however much you use us.


Effective processes, high quality materials and well-written communications can be the difference between success and failure when introducing change or seeking employee engagement. Fourth Corner can write, produce and advise on a range of products and services, including toolkits, briefing processes, live events, intranets, newsletters, video & audio programmes and ‘podcasting’


At Fourth Corner, we have a track record of writing and editing award-winning corporate publications. We have the experience to create business copy that engages as well as informs. We also focus on making sure our business writing is creative, business-focussed and jargon-free. Fourth Corner can offer a range of journalistic services or complete editorial management of your publications.  More here.


Fourth Corner provides an independent measurement and audit service to enable you to effectively evaluate your communications activities. This includes the unique Internal Communications Healthcheck to help you assess the current effectiveness of your communications activities across more than 40 good practice criteria. Fourth Corner can also carry out tailored research through interviews, focus groups and surveys.

Whatever your challenge, we’re sure we can help, so contact us.