Fourth Corner Creativity

A recent global survey of CEOs by IBM highlighted the fact that business leaders the world over overwhelmingly say that creativity will be the single most important leadership competency for organisations in the future.   The consequences of a lack of creativity in an organisation can be severe.  The more complex the world becomes, the more creative we need to be to meet its challenges.

But what do we mean by creativity, especially in the context of the workplace?   Creativity is not innovation.  Innovation is the end result of a creative process, so if you want the benefits of innovation in your organisation, you need to invest in the creative skills, techniques and behaviours that will supply the innovative ideas.   Creativity is also not about drawing, painting, music and design.   It’s simply about using your imagination to come up with ideas.   And in that sense, everyone has the ability be creative.  It’s in all of us.  We can help bring it out.

Our workshops, learning modules and communications campaigns aim to bring creativity to the masses – to embed creative behaviours and techniques on the ground where the best ideas are often hiding.   We don’t teach people how to draw, act or compose, and we don’t use rubber chickens or bean bags.   We concentrate on building understanding about where ideas come from and how teams and individuals can find, voice, nurture, build and exploit them.  We look at how the brain works, how connections are made and why there’s no such thing as a bad idea.   But most importantly, we share dozens of practical techniques in a simple and easy-to-remember format to help you and your team unleash your creativity, such as:

  • How to think creatively
  • Where to find new perspectives
  • How being playful can open up a world of ideas
  • How to brainstorm properly
  • The behaviours that inspire – and kill – creativity
  • Turning great ideas into business reality

Our creativity workshops can be run over a full day of half a day.  Away from the classroom, we can write, create and deliver eLearning modules about creativity.   And as communications experts, we can write and produce highly impactful communications – from small creativity booklets to whole campaigns – to help unleash creative thinking and create an innovation culture in your organisation.   Read more about our courses, workshops and learning materials here.

For more about our approach to creative communication, check out our blog Creative Communicator.