Fourth Corner Learning

Fourth Corner training courses and eLearning materials have been used to improve the communication and creativity skills of hundreds of leaders, managers, frontline people and communications practitioners. We tailor and (if necessary) deliver courses and workshops on a range of topics. Here are some of them:

The Creative Manager

This workshop and set of eLearning modules is all about managing in the Conceptual Age, where right-brained attributes like creativity, storytelling, meaning-making, play, empathy and big picture thinking are becoming key leadership skills.  Our practical workshops and learning modules help managers become better and more creative communicators and leaders.   A must-have course for progressive managers and innovative organisations.   Read our learning synopsis here.

Communicating Change

This course – aimed at managers and communications professionals – is all about communicating through a period of change. It provides an essential ‘toolbox’ of practical skills and techniques for helping people through organisational change. Fourth Corner has delivered a version of this course aimed at communication practitioners for the Institute of Internal Communications since 2005.

“An excellent course, delivered brilliantly. This was one of the most useful courses I’ve ever been on”

How to be a Better Communicator

This workshop focuses on the basic communication skills for line managers, from ‘getting the message through’ to ‘developing a communication style’ and ‘engaging with your team’. The workshop often goes hand-in-hand with our popular pocket book, How to be a Better Communicator.

“Possibly the only course I’ve been to in recent years where I can honestly say I’ve put my learning into practice straight away”

How to unleash your creativity

This highly innovative and practical workshop gurantees to unlock your creativity.   We all have creativity ability … we just don’t use our creative skills at work enough. This workshop offers some practical and fun techniques to help bring out the innovator within.  Essential for organisations looking to embed an innovation culture and encourage ideas.  Or for anyone who just wants to be more creative at work!   Read our learning synopsis here.

“Thank you for an amazing day, I am still feeling really inspired! I thought the whole day was fantastic.  Couldn’t think of anything I would change”

The Creative Communicator

This workshop for communications and innovation professionals is all about the role of communications in driving innovation in an organisation. The highly practical workshop looks at how communicators can play a key role in driving a culture of innovation and building creative capability.

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